Jeff Lafferty – Drums

JEFF LAFFERTY hails from Massachusetts. Exposure to all forms of music began at birth and set the stage for his career. Jeff began studying drums and percussion at the age of 12.

Jeff attended the Boston University School for The Arts and studied with members of the Boston Symphony. Later, he switched to Berklee College of music to finish his Degree in Music Performance.

During his stay at Berklee, he worked with top artists from all over the world. His Jazz Trio “New Elements” had such notables as Andy Ezrin and Laszlo Gardony on Piano.

In 2003 Jeff moved to South Florida and quickly established himself as a prominent player in the South Florida music scene. Immediately gaining attention in Blues, Rock Latin and Jazz genres.

Jeff is the ideal drummer for Wildfire, his wide musical range and sensitivity, dynamic performances and technical acuity blend seamlessly with his band mates abilities to propel the audience on a journey never to be forgotten